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Live Oak man completes Appalachian Trail months before turning 74

Live Oak man completes Appalachian Trail months before turning 74
In order to continue backpacking, they took turns hiking the Appalachian Trail. About four years ago, Tom realized that he had backpacked most of the southern half of the trail, leaving about 1100 miles to go. “I decided to get serious and finish it,”
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The A-Z of backpacking tips
The easiest way to describe them is as backpackers prepared to spend a bit more. For traveller and writer Russ Thorne, it is "not being ashamed to get a tour guide in a museum, having some slightly more upmarket meals, and generally not forcing poverty
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The recyclables: Bellamy shows how to build team on a budget
One was backpacking around Europe, the Americas and Africa. One was overweight and an afterthought. Another was working in a north Queensland sports club. They all found themselves on the shelves at Franklins when Craig Bellamy wandered through with a
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