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Counting QC's homeless teens hard

Counting QC's homeless teens hard
"They're couch-surfing or moving in with boyfriends or girlfriends," Chelf said. "They're not getting a lot of educational or financial support from their families, and that's really hard. It's hard to keep them in school. It's very difficult.
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Abandoned and Deceived:
Gerri's descent from comfortable housewife to couch-surfing welfare recipient is unusual due to her circumstances, but not at all unbelievable, and is especially poignant in light of today's economy. Most of us are just about one pink slip away from
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Tri-Cities Homeowners Renting Rooms for the Night
By Melanie Tubbs Taking the idea of couch surfing to a whole new level. Action News learned a new website could go a long way at helping visitors feel at home while also giving you a lot of extra cash. KENNEWICK — Taking the idea of couch surfing to a
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